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Jacqueline Firmo Falconi is a French Italian American Artist who travelled the world since infancy.

She grew up in Paris, France where she graduated in Literature and Foreign Languages at the Sorbonne University while passionately cultivating the study of representational art.

She attended later the National Academy of Fine Arts in Manhattan, New York.

Her mixed origins and her contact with different cultures during her numerous journeys, deeply inspire her paintings; they pay a tribute to our planet; abstract or figurative, there are no limits to the artist's versatility: warm tinted landscapes, aquatic clearness, fluid gesturing young girls surrounded by flowers, various faces sharing the same humanity.

" I feel the need to communicate to the viewers my multiple experiences abroad, in those different countries , exotic or not, where I lived, or those that I just visited:
In the warm, exotic countries, I discovered a new world of exciting and shimmering colors in the landscape as in the clothing of the effusive and fascinating natives.
However, I was still amazingly struck by the cold western countries, speaking loudly to me in their powerful silent beauty!

To express those diverse feelings, I paint various subjects: Still life, landscapes, flowers, people, animals...

I use oil paint, brushes and palette knives, playing with shapes, colors and light, applying the contrast of smooth and textured surfaces to achieve a sense of sculptural relief.

My last works are more dedicated to positivity and hope, because of nowadays people's weariness.
It is a combination of semi abstract skyscrapers and figurative flowers:
Huge industrial buildings representing the chaos and darkness in this tumultuous world outside our windows, contrasting with figurative, organic flowers, which represent instead our own peaceful oases of serenity, joy, dream and hope ''.


The works of Jacqueline Firmo Falconi have been exhibited in solo and group shows in Italy and the United States.

They are part of public and private collections, mainly in France, Italy, Singapore and the United States of America.